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Sydney Fish Market have teamed up with Chef Sean Connolly - of The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room, Bells at Killcare, Astral in Pyrmont, and QT Sydney - to produce a pack of four delicious seafood accompaniments.

For just $49.99, get your hands on a stunningly presented gift box of gourmet sauces and seasonings, perfect for foodies and passionate home cooks. Box includes three delicious sauces and Fish Salt.


Available for collection from Monday 20 December from Sydney Fish Market

Delivery on Wednesday 22 December - orders close Sunday 19 December 


Fish & Chip Tartare - 160g
Sean Connolly’s creamy, sharp tartare is his own take on the classic sauce that he grew up with in the North of England. The bite of gherkins, lemon juice, and mustard add a new dimension to fried food – but especially fish and chips!

Blush Mayo - 160g
Sean Connolly’s Blush Mayo cocktail sauce is the perfect match for fresh Australian prawns. Peel your prawns at the table and use it as a dipping sauce, or create your own prawn cocktail with this wonderful mayo as the base.
“As a young apprentice, the first dish I ever made was a prawn cocktail,” says Connolly. “It's been one of my winning staples ever since. I hope you enjoy my cocktail sauce as much I enjoyed creating it.”

Herb Hollandaise - 160g
With a sharp tang of lemon, tarragon, and rich butter, Sean Connolly’s Herb Hollandaise adds a touch of luxury to poached or pan fried salmon. It also pairs beautifully with grilled crustaceans, balancing their sweetness with deep, decadent flavours.
“This sauce really adds a new level of lush to seafood dishes,” says Sean.

Fish Salt - 140g
This mix of 21 herbs and spices, created by Sean Connolly for use in his restaurant kitchens, has a delicious depth of flavour and a fabulous golden colour. It is perfect for use on all types of seafood, but is best suited to white fish and green prawns.
Connolly says “You will often hear me saying, ‘pass the fish salt!’ in my restaurant kitchens, I consider it a type of finishing salt, because it’s the last thing I do before lifting my seafood out of the pan.