SSS@Home Kit - Palisa Anderson’s Stir-fried Prawns with Glass Noodles (27 & 28 Nov)

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This week we’ll be cooking a family favourite with the wonderful Palisa Anderson, whose debut TV series, Water Heart Food, starts on SBS this Sunday. Palisa grew up in her family’s Chat Thai restaurants and is sharing her recipe for stir-fried prawns with glass noodles and ginger with us. There’s a big salad with miso vinaigrette alongside, and some of the ingredients are coming direct from Palisa’s organic Boon Luck Farm near Byron Bay.

Kits are limited – so order now to avoid missing out!

Just $52.50 for a generous meal for 2 plus a fun cooking experience!

Each kit contains

  • Step-by-step video of Palisa preparing the dishes
  • Seafood fresh from Sydney Fish Market
  • Top quality fruit and veg (including Boon Luck Farm greens)
  • Premium pantry items 
  • A Zokoko mini chocolate bar to share
  • Detailed printed recipes