SSS@Home Kit - Pipis in XO Sauce with Crisp Noodles (22 & 23 Jan)

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Pipis in XO sauce is a Cantonese classic that’s well worth adding to your recipe repertoire. Our version is extra special with XO sauce made by Chef Mitch Orr and crispy fried noodles underneath to soak up all that delicious sauce and add crunch! Plus there’s a side of oh-so-moreish blistered beans that’s bound to become a firm favourite!

Kits are limited – so order now to avoid missing out!

Just $52.50 for a generous meal for 2 plus a fun cooking experience.

Each kit contains

  • Step-by-step video of Jen preparing everything

  • Seafood fresh from Sydney Fish Market 

  • Top quality vegetables and herbs

  • Premium pantry items (including a bottle of MegaChef oyster sauce)

  • A Zokoko mini chocolate bar for dessert

  • Detailed printed recipes