SSS@Home Kit - Salt & Pepper Crab

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This weekend we’ll be enjoying a finger-licking feast of salt and pepper crab. Served with stir-fried sambal water spinach and steamed rice, it’s so easy yet so impressive … perfect for a special Father’s Day dinner, or just because you deserve it! Add a set of stainless steel crab crackers and picks for just $21.99.

Kits are limited – so order now! They make a great gift too!
Order one as part of a 4-week Loyalty Pack to receive a Pepe Saya gift pack at no extra cost.

Just $52.50 for a generous meal for 2 plus a fun cooking experience!

Each kit contains

  • Detailed recipe with step-by-step instructions
  • Seafood fresh from Sydney Fish Market
  • Top quality fruit and veg
  • Premium pantry items
  • A Zokoko mini chocolate bar to share
  • Step-by-step video of Jen preparing the dishes